Art and culture in Venice have always lived close by an unbreakable bond; to celebrate it, the School of Glass Abate Zanetti says the 53 th Campiello Prize, historical literary competition instituted in 1962 by Venetian Industrialists.

For the third consecutive year the School of Glass not only was the charming scene of a dinner in honor of the finalist authors for the award, but it is especially the furnace that created all the prizes for the contest.

The glass masters of the School have made for the prize: 280 pendants made of glass paste. With which, during the Campiello Ducale evening dedicated to young talents, the guests at the Palazzo Ducale will be honoured. The thirteen gifts for the members of the Jury of the literary members and the Committee consisting in Valet Trays, made of sugar paper colour with glass fusing technique. The Liberty vase, for the Jury President, the political expert and essayist Ilvo Diamanti.

Regarding the Awards, each of them will travel the custom engraving, which is the Ivory Taped Vintage vase, which will go to the five finalists, and the precious sculptures in Murano glass that make up the Water Glass Collection, exclusively designed for Abate Zanetti from the ChiaramonteMarin design studio. The winner of the Juniors Campiello contest will be awarded with the Pantegana of Blue Lagoon; the winner of the Recognition of Foreign Campiello Young, will receive Mormora of the Valley, and finally, the winner of the Premio Campiello will receive the Allodole of Estuario.

The President of the School of Glass Abate Zanetti, Martina Semenzato said she was pleased and honored to contribute to the event, and said: “Among the primary goals of Abate Zanetti is to transmit culture, that is not only beauty, butis also progress and development. Supporting the Campiello Prize, for us means to confirm the link between business and culture that moreover embodies the spirit with which the award was established, and it is an opportunity to strengthen areas of excellence, creating a network “.

Abate Zanetti is located in Calle Briati in Murano and is now a place of experimentation and innovation. Heir of the ancient School of Design for glass masters, founded in 1862 by Abbot Vincenzo Zanetti, is a center where teaching and production go hand in hand and the traditional techniques of Murano meet cutting-edge design.

A strong desire to aggregate the multiple realities of the contemporary scene of glass, looking at the world of design, culture, art, are combined with the custody of a thousand years of tradition and technical skill on the island of Murano.