From the 30th of September till the 21st of October Abate Zanetti will be present at the Expo 2015, as a guest of the Angelo Poretti brewery

The School of Glass is amongst the 6 top artistic craftsmanship schools selected by the Poretti brewery, in collaboration with Cologni Foundation for Arts and Crafts, for the project “The Art of Knowing How to Do.” Each of the schools selected will realize art-works devoted entirely to the brand, which will be exhibited for a period of three weeks, in the Beer Piazzetta at the Italian Pavilion.

Abate Zanetti has decided to celebrate the production and tasting of the drink by creating a collection of goblets. In order to continue its promotional activities in enhancing the Murano glass history. The School,for this project, will involve students of the schools on the island, which will be invited to design the decoration of the goblets, made by the skilled Glass Masters.