The new project by Gianna Moise

Abate Zanetti is also one of the promoters of the project “Fish Out Of Water” created by the artist Gianna Moise in the occasion of Expo 2015. Different subjects and agencies cooperate with each other to achieve a large installation that, on the trail of the Expo, will have three major themers: environmental sustainability, food as an energy source, and the art and teaching as bread for the soul.

On a seabed designed by street artists and animated by hand-blown fish ideated by Gianna Moise at Abate Zanetti, a series of works created by artists of Sibernagl Undergallery recycling disused objects, and artefacts created by students will be on display in the ceramics at the School Cova, will come to life.

The title “fish out of water” refers to the fish, centrepiece of the installation, as well as many works by Gianna Moise. The fish was chosen as the universal symbol, which since ancient times has been given multiple connotations, and as staple food for most of the world’s population. More specifically a fish out of water is an individual that’s little conscious, unable to relate to the space around it. The objective of the operation is therefore creating knowledge, ensuring that no one, in relation to the subjects in question, is more a fish out of water: neither consumers, invited to the recovery of a more natural supply and to sustain a way of life greener, or young people and students, actively involved in the project, so that they can understand the world around them. The project also contributes to growing things, that from its website launches a competition for children and young people “Your character for Expo.”

The traveling installation will be exhibited at various times during Expo:

May 21st to May 25th Building Brian & Barry – Via Durini 28 – Milan

September 12th Gallery Undergallery, Alzaia Naviglio Grande – Milan

November 12th Rotary Club East Milan – Milan