“Perfect harmony of lines and transparencies associated with an elegant, but only apparent, fragility. This is a glass object that defies the laws of physics and imprisons light to create a work of art. A creative expression so slightly suggested by the fire of the furnaces to the hands and lungs of the glass master that determines it’s artistic soul. “

The Glass School Abate Zanetti of Murano is heir to an ancient institution of Design Glass Making founded in 1862 by Abbot Vincenzo Zanetti.

A strong desire to aggregate the multiple realities of contemporary glassmaking scenes, looking at the world of design, culture, art, combine with the custody of a thousand years of tradition and technical skill of the island of Murano.

It is in fact equipped for all the Muranese processings: furnace, lamp working, molding and grinding department.

The School has two souls. The educational one that is expressed through the creation and coordination of training activities with high innovative contents. The second one is production: Abate Zanetti is now the center of manufacturing excellence, research and experimentation on themes of the artistic design of glass.

The School of Glass, Abate Zanetti, of Murano supports the initiative of Birra Poretti at the 2015 Expo in a union of art and culture. A set of beer glasses has, in fact, been created by the historic school, designed by Murano’s young students of the educational sector. They are, in fact, been produced by a number of historical glassware beer glasses whose designers are the young students of the educational sector of Murano. The glasses were made of blown glass in the furnace with hot applications of polychromatic glasses, murrine and later decorated with enamel.

It is an honor for Abate Zanetti to be able to contribute in this initiative, which has allowed us to combine forces and enhance the excellence of two historical Italian companies; in an opportunity for growth essential to the local and national community.